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Motorised Valves

The Myson Powerextra motorised valve has been designed with complete reliability and compatibility in mind. The reliability comes from years of developments in design, production, the quality of components and the tight quality control imposed at the factory.

The range has low contact resistance switching for compatibility with the low voltage/low current switching found on many boilers throughout the UK and Europe.

The three port MPEs incorporate a market leading 6Watt Class ‘F’ motor, with high start up torque to ensure start-up after prolonged shut down.

The valve shoes are manufactured using mica filled with PTFE to ensure a smooth sealing operation.

The thread connection, dimensions, and wiring are interchangeable with the majority of installed valves (including Honeywell). Included with every valve is a product interchange wiring guide covering all the major manufacturers’ products. The only way to ensure one visit is to fit a Myson Powerextra motorised valve.
The Powerextra Range of system control valves is designed for use in fully pumped central heating and hot water systems

The MPE222 and MPE228 (MPE23/4 and MPE21 in Ireland) Two Port Valves will control either the central heating or hot water circuit. Two of these valves will satisfy the requirements of most fully controlled systems. To provide even greater control additional Powerextra Two Port valves can be used for extra zoning where this is required.

The MPE322 and MPE328 (MPE33/4 and MPE31 in Ireland) Three Port Mid Position valves will control both the central heating and hot water circuits simultaneously. The valve may be operated directly by the system programmer or via room and cylinder thermostats.

The MPE322DV (MPE33/4DV in Ireland) Diverter Valve gives priority to the ‘DHW’ Port until the controlling thermostat is satisfied.


  • Maximum Operating pressure 10 Bar 
  • Maximum water temperature 95°C 
  • Minimum water temperature 5°C 
  • Maximum ambient temperature 52°C 
  • Electrical 5W/6W double insulated 230V/50Hz.
  • Maximum Operating pressure 10 Bar 

Product Features:

  • VDE approved 
  • Powerful motor with high grade (Class F) insulation 
  • Neon valve position indicators 
  • Gold plated microswitch contacts 
  • Mica filled PTFE shoes 
  • Manual override with spring return 
  • Compatible with all leading makes. 
  • ISO 9002 Quality Assurance.

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