The VOGEL&NOOT brand umbrella is a multi-national enterprise with the widest range of products in the field of innovative heat emission.

heating through innovation



A range that includes both electronic and mechanical room thermostats and reliable easy to install cylinder thermostat.


Designed for users that require greater accuracy of temperature control than can be provided by a more traditional mechanical thermostat, the MPRT displays temperature to 0.1°C. This thermostat can limit the maximum and the minimum temperature, work as either a heating or cooling control and has adjustable switching differential. It is battery powered which makes this control ideal for upgrading an old two-wire (no neutral wire) thermostat and has volt free contacts for use with various types of systems.

  • Upmarket electronic thermostat 
  • Attractive slimline design 
  • Clear, accurate LCD display 
  • Displays actual temperature. No neutral, two wire connection


The MRT1 is a wall mounted, temperature activated on/off switch. The desired temperature is set on the rotary control dial, the thermostat monitors and compares the actual room temperature with the set temperature on the control. If the room temperature is below the desired level and the programmer has requested heat the central heating system will run the heating circuit until the temperature reaches the required level, the MRT1 will switch off the heating circuit.

  • Gas bellow with anticipator 
  • Simple and accurate 
  • Lockable or high/low temperature restrict feature 
  • Operating range 6 to 30°C 
  • Switching differential 1.3°C 
  • Large terminal screws

                     MRT1                                   MRT1 Braille



The MCT1 Cylinder thermostat is the stable mate with complementary styling of the MRT1. It is designed for monitoring and controlling the temperature of the hot water stored within the hot water cylinder. When used with a thermostatic control for the heating circuit it will give boiler interlock. It can also be used as a pipe thermostat in conjunction with a frost thermostat to ensure a boiler does not run uncontrolled during cold weather.

  • Maximum mounting temperature 100°C 
  • Operating range 10 to 90°C 
  • Switching differential 5 to 10°C 
  • Large terminal screws, for easy connection

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