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TRV 2Way

The Myson TRV2Way now carries the European Thermostatic Efficiency Label (TELL) ‘A’ grade, a clear indicator that it meets the highest energy efficiency standard. The Myson TRV 2-way is the most complete thermostatic radiator valve range available for today’s central heating systems. Incorporating Myson’s unique ‘2-way’ engineering, including the Myson patented ‘bonding’ technique. The Myson TRV 2-way simplifies installation and removes the worry of costly callbacks. The Myson TRV 2-way has a liquid sensor fitted at its heart, so the homeowner will be guaranteed years of accurate and trouble free temperature control, with the advantage of saving up to 17% on their heating bills. As the homeowner saves money, the environment will benefit from the reduction of harmful gas emissions.

The Myson TRV 2-way is available in polished chrome, nickel or brass finish, in pipe sizes up to 22mm or ¾˝ BSP (one way flow only for 22mm & ¾”). Also in the range is an 8/10/15mm valve, for the installer or supplier who wishes to stock only the one universal valve.

Now available, the new impaired dexterity head see below.....

The Myson TRV 2-way is the only choice for the professional installer, the homeowner, specifier and Local Authorities.

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