Manifold & Control Centre

Manifold & Control Centre

Manifolds are available from 2 to 12 ports

Manifold control centres include mixing valve and A-rated pump

Overview of Models

The MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating manifold is the central point to most underfloor heating systems.  The manifold is responsible for distributing mixed water provided by the manifold control centre to each heating circuit.  

Underfloor heating requires water flow temperatures between 35°C and 55°C (depending on the design). The MYSON FLOORTEC manifold control centre mixes return water from the underfloor heating with flow water from the primary pipework. The mixed temperature is controlled at a constant temperature and the proportions of flow and return water are varied accordingly. Mixing is undertaken in a three port mixing valve, incorporating a thermo-electrical valve controller.

Summary of Range

  • MYSON FLOORTEC manifolds are available from 2 – 12 ports
  • Our manifolds are supplied pre-assembled with an automatic air vent, pressure gauge, isolating valves for flow and return, flow meter adjustment key, fibre washers, manifold mounting plugs and screws, brass hose connections for filling and flushing, pipe inserts and bend formers
  •  Manifold control centres come with a mixing valve and A-rated pump to ensure that you have most efficient system available on the market. The pump can be attached to either the left or right hand side


When purchasing a whole system, MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating comes with a 10 year Complete System Guarantee from date of purchase. When purchasing individual components, we offer the following warranties, from date of purchase

  • 10 years for the pipe
  • 2 years on controls
  • 12 months on the underfloor heating  pump

Technical Information

VIDEO: Please click here to view our video for more information on flow meter settings...

Mixed Circuit Flow Diagram


Sizes and Dimensions for Manifold 2-12 Port



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