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Excellent heating performance at reduced water temperatures

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Overview of Models

The ULOW-E2 is the ultimate choice when it comes to intelligent, low temperature heating. It uses in-built fans to give forced heating convection and produces heat outputs up to 60% more than traditional radiators. It has intelligent controls allowing the fans to work on a sliding temperature scale where the water temperature must be 3°C higher than the air set point. It is highly flexible, utilising central connection technology and has a “summer breeze” function for air circulation on warm days.

Summary of Range

  • The MYSON ULOW-E2 is available in 9 sizes
  • It is available in one type, double panel
  • It comes in a height of 600mm
  • We offer lengths from 400mm to 2000mm
  • All our ULOW-E2 radiators come with a white thermostatic acctuator head
  • Central connection twin entry valve & nut and olive pack supplied separately


The MYSON ULOW-E2 is quality guaranteed and includes a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.


Design Consideration

The MYSON ULOW-E2 is extremely easy to install, and the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The ULOW-E2 is for use on 2-pipe pumped indirect domestic and commercial heating applications with a maximum working temperature of 60°C
  • All ULOW-E2 radiators are fitted with 4 – G ½“ internal thread and 2 – G ¾“ external thread, underside centre
  • The thermostat valve, located at the top right, can be moved to the top left if required
  • Each ULOW-E2 is tested to a pressure of 10 bar (145 psi) and is suitable for a working pressure of 13 bar (188.5 psi)
  • Central connection twin entry valve & nut and olive pack supplied separately.
  • Click here to see our handy video showing how easy it is to install the ULOW-E2. 

Weight, Water Content and Sound Levels

Mounting Positions and Dimensions

Bracket Positions and Dimensions

Sizes and Outputs for ULOW-E2





Declaration of Performance (DoP)

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