Introduction to Control Packs

MYSON produce a range of control packs, with all the system controls you need in one handy box. They are designed to help installers and specifiers and come with easy to follow wiring instructions.

The attractive control packs are designed to give you exactly the right combination of controls to make your central heating system work more efficiently. All the products in each system pack have been developed to be attractive yet unobtrusive and each will complement your home. Correctly installed, the MYSON control system will allow you more effective and economical control of your heating and hot water.


  • Packs suit all standard types of heating systems
  • Packs will meet most requirements, from fully pumped flow share and zoned systems to unvented hot water storage systems


  • MDPAK1 - for use with full pumped flow share systems
  • MZPAK2 - for fully pumped separate controls DHW & CH
  • MZPAK3 - as MDPAK2 but for larger systems requiring 28mm
  • MZPAK4 - for unvented systems which are usually combi based
  • MZPAK5 - as MZPAK4 but for larger systems requiring 28mm