Electric Radiators

Introduction to Electric Radiators

Electric heating has grown in popularity rapidly in recent years. Electric heating offers benefits that cannot be provided by conventional heating.

Our electric radiator range caters for all tastes and requirements, and includes a classic panel radiator in the FINESSE and FINESSE EC, as well as designer options such as the popular COLUMN and DÉCOR. The FINESSE is manufactured in the UK, whilst the DÉCOR and COLUMN use the technical expertise of our French and German manufacturing facilities respectively.


  • Electric radiators are perfect for projects that have no gas supply or where no central heating pipes have been provided
  • They are perfect for renovation projects, such as extensions and conservatories as they are easy to install and require no plumbing
  • Our range also includes electric underfloor heating, electric towel warmers and electric fan convectors


 We have four different electric radiators depending on your requirements;

  • FINESSE – comes in 12 models, 2 different heights and a range of lengths
  • Electric COLUMN – comes in 6 models,  2 vertical and 4 horizontal options
  • Electric DÉCOR – comes in 6 models, 2 vertical and 4 horizontal options