Fan Convectors

Introduction to Fan Convectors

MYSON have been manufacturing and exporting fan convectors from the UK for over 50 years, and our experience and expertise means we’re at the forefront of new technology. First developed to satisfy a market that demanded high heat outputs, thanks to MYSON, fan convectors are now also seen as a stylish and innovative alternative to conventional radiators. MYSON fan convectors are now a household name, with products such as KICKSPACE, HI-LINE and LO-LINE, and we are still expanding our range with innovative and stylish new products such as iVECTOR.

Comparison to Other Products

MYSON are more than just a radiator manufacturer, we’re a heating solutions provider. With a product range that includes radiators, underfloor heating, fan convectors, valves, controls, electric heating, design radiators and towel warmers  we are the only manufacturer that can give unbiased advice on the features and benefits for all heat emitters.

Key Benefits of Fan Convector

  • High performance: The large surface area heat exchangers in our fan convectors result in excellent heat outputs
  • Space saving: High heat outputs mean you can have the equivalent performance of a radiator in a much smaller size
  • Rapid heat up: The fan forces the air around the room meaning the product will heat the required space much faster than a conventional radiator

All MYSON fan convectors include a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.