Heating Valves

Introduction to Heating Valves

MYSON have been manufacturing heating valves for over 50 years, producing millions of units on an annual basis. Using environmentally friendly chrome 3 for our manual valves and TRV products, our high-quality heating valves are assembled in the UK, and all supplied using sustainable and responsible packaging.  

The range covers cost-effective manuals valves, thermostatically controlled valves, decorative valves and options specifically for our LST products. Our extensive offering means we are able to ensure we have a solution for any application.

All MYSON valves are produced under ISO 9001:2008, so whichever of our products you choose, you are guaranteed it will be the highest quality.

Comparison to Other Products

MYSON are more than just a radiator manufacturer, we’re a heating solutions provider. With a product range that includes radiators, underfloor heating, fan convectors, valves, controls, electric heating, design radiators and towel warmers we are the only manufacturer that can give unbiased advice on the features and benefits for all heat emitters.  


Key Benefits of Heating Valves

  • Correct use of a TRV could save you up to 40% on your heating bills, as independently tested by Salford University
  • A wide range of push fit valves for ease of installation, we have a push fit product for every application
  • All Matchmate, Matchmaster and Fullflow valves have a drain off option, making draining water from radiators much easier when required