Introduction to Wallmounted Fan Convectors

MYSON have over 50 years manufacturing experience of fan convectors, and they have been producing a wallmounted range since the 1970s. Today, the range is fully redesigned using all the latest heating technologies to ensure they continue perform at the highest efficiency level. 


The wall mount range provides rapid heat using a small amount of space. They are perfect for maximising the amount of available space in any room. They provide solutions for semi-commercial applications such as retail or restaurants dining spaces. They can also be a great solution for domestic properties in areas such as conservatories or narrow areas that have large heating demands.


The MYSON wallmount range includes:

  • HI-LINE – high level range designed to be installed in unused space above doors to provide rapid heat from above. Comes in seven different models, including our standard RC range, a powerful Super RC range and a low voltage bathroom model
  • LO-LINE – our low level range comes in four different models