Introduction to Fixing Systems

MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating offer a full and comprehensive range of fixing systems for all floor types. Our systems are suitable for any project, and include solutions for solid, suspended, floating and retrofit floors.

SOLID FLOORS are a common type of floor system and are cost effective for underfloor heating. Underfloor heating pipes are embedded into a concrete or screed.

SUSPENDED FLOORS include joisted floors with conventional joists supported on end walls of sleeper walls as well as solid floors with battens fixed to the floor.

FLOATING FLOORS structures are ideal for underfloor heating as they have a low thermal mass and therefore a rapid response to changes in temperature.

RETROFIT FLOORS allow you to install underfloor heating in older and existing properties without the need for expensive excavation.  


  • Underfloor heating can be installed almost anywhere. It is perfect for large new build projects, giving you the freedom of design, and your customers the ongoing benefits of underfloor heating
  • Zone packs are perfect for heating single areas, such as a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory extension
  • Our MICROBOARD fixing system means you can now install underfloor heating in renovation properties.


  • For SOLID FLOORS we offer a range of fixing systems, including TACKERNAIL, TACKER, CLIPRAIL,  PRE-FORMED PLATE and NAKED PRE-FORMED PLATE
  • For SUSPENDED FLOORS we offer a PLATED fixing system, consisting of aluminium diffusion plates
  • Our FLOATING FLOOR system consists of extruded polystyrene panels and aluminium diffusion plates
  • For RETROFIT projects, MICROBOARD is the perfect fixing system, at only 18mm in depth it can be installed into older and existing properties.