Kickspace 500 / 600 / 800

Kickspace 500 / 600 / 800

Provides rapid heat without occupying precious wall space

Connects easily to a central heating system

Overview of Models

As the original manufacturer of the plinth heater, a MYSON KICKSPACE incorporates all the latest heating technologies and will increase your kitchen design opportunities.

A space saving solution, KICKSPACE can be fitted easily under kitchen units, leaving more wall space for kitchen units and appliances. Its large surface area heat exchanger means high heat loads can be delivered into the room rapidly.

The hydronic model integrates into an existing central heating system.

Summary of Range

  • Hydronic KICKSPACE comes in three models; 500, 600 and 800 so depending on the heat requirements we’re confident we can meet the needs of most kitchens with a single product
  • Every KICKSPACE comes with a white grille as standard, but other grille options are available
  • Kickspace are 101mm high and available in three lengths, 496, 550 and 603mm
  • Flexible hoses are also supplied
  • A full range of accessories are also available, including a thermostat and wall switches


MYSON KICKSPACE has been designed and tested to the highest standard and comes with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Design Considerations

KICKSPACE is easy to install, and the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Ensure that the pipes supplying the hot water are sized correctly based on the required flow rate
  • Each product has an in-built low limit thermostat which activates the fan when the water temperature reaches 43°C
  • KICKSPACE requires an electrical connection for the fan, and has a low power consumption (see tables below)

Weight, Water, Air Flow and Sound Levels




Sizes and Outputs for Kickspace Hydronic










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