Lo-Line RC

With a fan only mode it is perfect for areas such as conservatories

Connects easily to a central heating system

Overview of Models

The MYSON LO-LINE RC range is a low level fan convector that delivers high heat outputs, and is ideal for areas such as conservatories. The LO-LINE RC is generations ahead of the competition and is compatible with low water temperatures.

Summary of Range

  • The LO-LINE RC range includes four sizes that increase in performance
  • The LO-LINE RC is fitted with digital controls and comes with a battery operated remote control
  • Pipe connections connect to the heating system from below or behind


The LO-LINE RC has been designed and tested to the highest standard and comes with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Design Considerations

The LO-LINE RC is easy to install, and the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Ensure that the pipes supplying the hot water are sized correctly based on the required flow rate
  • Each product has an in-built low limit thermostat which activates the fan when the water temperature reaches 32°C
  • LO-LINE RC requires an electrical connection for the fan, and has a low power consumption
  • Minimum installation height is 150mm to the under side of the unit
  • Minimum clearance each side is 100mm

Weight, Water, Air Flow and Sound Levels




Sizes and Outputs for Low-Line RC



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