LST Valve Kits

Specially designed to perfectly complement our LST radiator range

Come with our A-rated TRV 2-Way

Overview of Models

MYSON offer a flexible and comprehensive range of TRV kits that are specifically designed to maximise the effectiveness of our range of LST radiators.

We offer two designs, the Universal Close Coupled Kit, which allows the case to be removed for cleaning without removing the TRV head, and the competitively priced Direct Fit kit. Both come with our A-rated TRV and are expertly designed for precision control.

The kits allow the thermal sensing head of a MYSON Thermostatic Radiator Valve to be mounted directly onto the LST enclosure of a MYSON Low Surface Temperature Radiator. They also feature a locking facility that prevents unauthorised adjustment in public areas.

Summary of Range

  • MYSON offer two types of LST TRV kits, Direct Fit and Universal Close Coupled
  • Comes with compression, and screwed iron connections
  • Both out LST kits come in a size of 15mm
  • Come with our A-rated TRV 2-Way


All MYSON valves are quality guaranteed and include a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. They are produced under ISO 9001 Quality Management System and carry the BS Kitemark.

Technical Information

Direct Fit TRV Kit


Universal Closed Coupled TRV Kit



For more information on the range of LST TRV Kit Accessories, please download the LST TRV Kits Brochure by clicking here...




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