At only 18mm total depth, it is perfect for retrofit projects

Now suitable for 12mm PEXCellent5 pipe

Overview of Models

MICROBOARD, from MYSON FLOORTEC is a retrofit, low profile underfloor heating system. It can be installed over an existing floor, or be used as part of a new build project, making it our most flexible system yet. At only 18mm total depth it allows for underfloor heating to be easily installed in to older and existing properties without the need for expensive and disruptive excavation.

It is available in two panel types, with straight and return panels and our 12mm PEXCellent5 Pipe is easily laid in to the panels.

Summary of range

  • Available in two panel types, for straight and return
  • Straight panel has overlap edges, return panel has smooth edge
  • Suitable for 10mm & 12mm FLOORTEC PEXCellent5 pipe only


When purchasing a whole system, MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating comes with a 10 year Complete System Guarantee from date of purchase. When purchasing individual components, we offer the following warranties, from date of purchase

  • 10 years for the pipe
  • 2 years on controls
  • 12 months on the underfloor heating  pump

Technical Information

Technical Data



For more information on the range of Underfloor Heating Accessories, please download the full Underfloor Heating Range Brochure here...




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