MYSON TOUCH utilises Smart Start technology to save money on bills

TOUCH RS includes a remote sensor, designed for our underfloor systems

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Overview of Models

The MYSON TOUCH range of programmable thermostats allow you to set different room temperatures for the morning, day, evening and night time. The Smart Start function will save both energy & money by delaying the heating start up time when the weather is warmer.

Features include, temperature hold, temperature override and holiday function, which makes it easy to control your heating efficiently and effectively.

The range includes the MYSON TOUCH and MYSON TOUCH RS, which comes with a remote sensor. The Touch RS is primarily designed for underfloor systems which senses floor temperature.

Summary of Range

  • Smart Start technology
  • Clear, easy to use touch screen display
  • 24hr programming, 5/2 day programming or 7 day programming
  • Up to 4 time and temperature settings per day
  • Remote sensor model available, primarily designed for underfloor systems that senses either floor or room temperature or a combination of both
  • 230V Supply
  • MYSON TOUCH is suitable to be classified as a “Delayed Start” thermostat as defined in SAP 2005
  • Load Compensation technology (saves fuel by delaying heating ‘start-up’ on warm days)
  • MYSON TOUCH RS, primarily designed for underfloor systems, includes a remote sensor which senses either floor or room temperature or a combination of both


MYSON electronic controls come with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase 

Technical Information

For any underfloor enquiries please contact us at [email protected].


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