Remote Sensor Heads

Ideal for use when it’s difficult to install a TRV

Connects to all MYSON TRV valves

Overview of Models

The MYSON remote sensor incorporates a traditional TRV head which can be set to the desired temperature. The room temperature is monitored via a 2, 5 or 10 metre capillary connected to the sensing element which can be mounted in a convenient and temperature representative area of the room. Remote sensor heads are ideal for use when it is difficult for a traditional TRV to operate, such as behind furniture or in direct sunlight.

Summary of Range

  • MYSON TRV remote sensor heads come in a choice of capillary length, 2m, 5m or 10m
  • Liquid sensor


All MYSON valves are quality guaranteed and include a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. They are produced under ISO 9001 Quality Management System and carry the BS Kitemark.

Technical Information

Sizes and Dimensions for Remote Sensor Heads



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