Rio Compact Plus

Traditional front panel design

Digital temperature control with clear visual display

Overview of Models

The RIO COMPACT PLUS is a traditionally designed electric panel radiator, which offers superb temperature controllability via a clear visual digital display discreetly housed on the side panel. RIO COMPACT PLUS is fully programmable, with several operating modes including; open window function, frost protection and an adjustable surface temperature which creates a comfortable, radiant warmth.

The updated controls turn the RIO COMPACT, PLAN and LINEA PLUS into smart  electric radiators. Via WiFi, users can  control exactly when their heating is  active and ensure that the heating is  never left running by accident. The RIO PLUS radiators can be regulated via a user-friendly app , and when a home  automation system is installed, they can  even be voice controlled. Moreover, the app allows  for a digital visualisation of the radiators’  energy consumption so that it’s easy to  monitor and adjust the energy usage  whenever and wherever needed

Summary of Range

  • Available in one type – double panel extra
  • There are two heights available, 300mm and 500mm
  • We offer a range lengths from 400mm – 2000mm
  • All RIO COMPACT PLUS radiators are fitted with stylish, digital controls.
    • A hard wired, 4 zone, touch screen programmer is also available as an option.
    • RIO PLUS electric radiators can be monitored and controlled through a mobile application when connected with Unisenza Plus gateway (including home automation system).


The RIO COMPACT PLUS electric radiator comes with a two year warranty from date of purchase

Technical Information

Technical Characteristics

Measured temperature precision : 0.1°C
Operating temperature:  -30°C to +50°C
Setting temperature range +0.5°C to +30°C
Electrical protection: Class 1 - IP44
Power supply : 230VAC - 50Hz
For more technical information, please refer to the installation instructions available on our website.



Mounting Positions & Dimensions

Sizes & Outputs Rio Compact




Where to Buy


Download the Unisenza Plus app

Thanks to the WLAN module integrated in the Unisenza Plus Gateway, the system can easily be connected to the Unisenza Plus app. This allows users to monitor and control all the heat transfer systems linked to the app wherever and whenever they want.

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