Plated System

Popular system for suspended floors, typically used on first and second floors

Aluminium plates are laid between floor joints and MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating pipe is secured within the plate

Overview of Models

Suspended floor systems include both joisted floors with conventional joists supported on end walls of sleeper walls as well as solid floors with battens fixed to the floor. The underfloor heating system consists of aluminium diffusion plates fitted between joists or battens. These are grooved to accept the underfloor heating pipework. The aluminium is used for its excellent thermal conduction as well as its low weight.  It is suitable for 16 and 17mm pipework.

Summary of Range

  • Plates are manufactured from aluminium sheet
  • Plates come in two widths, 388mm and 588mm
  • All sheets are 1000mm long
  • Suitable for 17mm PEX high density cross-linked pipework with oxygen diffusion barrier, or 16mm multi-layer pipe


When purchasing a whole system, MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating comes with a 10 year Complete System Guarantee from date of purchase. When purchasing individual components, we offer the following warranties, from date of purchase

  • 10 years for the pipe
  • 2 years on controls
  • 12 months on the underfloor heating  pump

Technical Information

For any underfloor enquiries please contact us at [email protected].


For more information on the range of Underfloor Heating Accessories, please download the full Underfloor Heating Range Brochure here...




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