Simple, easy to use and accurate thermostat

MRT1 braille version also available

Overview of Models

MRT1 is a wall mounted, temperature activated on/off switch.
The desired temperature is set on the rotary control dial. The thermostat monitors and compares the actual room temperature with the set temperature on the control. 
If the room temperature is below the desired level and the thermostat has requested heat the central heating system will run the heating circuit until the temperature reaches the required level, the MRT1 will switch off the heating circuit.

Summary of Range

  • Gas bellow with anticipator for better reaction times to temperature change
  • Simple and accurate
  • Lockable or high/low temperature restrict feature
  • Operating range 6 to 30°C
  • Switching differential 1.3°C
  • Large terminal screws
  • IP20


All MYSON electronic controls are quality guaranteed and come with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase


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