Introduction to Pipe

MYSON have been manufacturing our own underfloor heating pipe since 1974. Our plant, based in Germany, combines all the advantages of precision German engineering with our own unrivalled expertise in the field of heating.

MYSON FLOORTEC produce a full range of quality pipework that is suitable for all our fixing systems. Our pipe is environmentally friendly and quality guaranteed and conforms to all European quality standards, being tested to DIN4726 and BS7291-1:2001. It comes as part of our 10 year Complete System Guarantee, so you can be confident you are installing the best the pipe available on the market.

We offer three diameters of pipe, 10 and 17mm PEXCellent 5 and 16mm multi-layer pipe.

Types of Pipe

  • PEXCellent 5 is the latest innovation in Polyethylene pipe. A 5-layer PEX pipe, it comes in 10mm and 17mm diameters
  • Our 16mm MULTI-LAYER pipe includes and aluminium layer for easy installation