Underfloor Heating

Introduction to Underfloor Heating 

In recent years underfloor heating has been widely acknowledged as one of the most effective methods of heating. It has become the fastest growing market for both domestic and commercial heating sectors. As one of Europe’s leading names in heating technology, MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating is at the forefront of the underfloor revolution. In addition to our manufacturing and technical expertise, we provide full planning, design and supply services to help you achieve your perfect home.

How it Works

MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating works by heating your home from the floor upwards. This form of radiant heating is different to the heat provided by radiators, which works by converting warm air around the room. The main advantage of MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating is its high level of performance. Radiant heat means that the warmth is concentrated where you need it most. You’ll enjoy uniform heat, with no cold spots or draughts, and it’s perfect for human comfort. 

Comparison to Other Products

MYSON are more than just a radiator manufacturer, we’re a heating solutions provider. With a product range that includes radiators, underfloor heating, fan convectors, valves, controls, electric heating, design radiators and towel warmers we are the only manufacturer that can give unbiased advice on the features and benefits for all heat emitters.  

Key Benefits of Underfloor Heating

  • Design freedom:  As everything is underneath the floor, you have complete freedom to design your room exactly the way you want
  • Control: Each room can be individually controlled using our extensive range of electronic controls and thermostats   
  • Quality: When purchasing a full system from MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating, you are guaranteed quality with our 10 year Complete System Guarantee