Introduction to Controls

MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating offer a full range of quality controls to ensure that you get the most out of our underfloor heating systems. Our controls are designed by our heating experts to meet the requirements of our customers and will perfectly complement our systems.

Controls are an essential part of every underfloor heating system. Each system requires at least one manifold, control centre, wiring centre and thermostat.  MYSON supply quality manifolds, isolating and blending valves and an A-rated pump. MYSON FLOORTEC also supplies wiring centres as well as a range of thermostats from basic digital thermostats to Wi-Fi enabled touch controls.


MYSON FLOORTEC manifold control centres are used to control the water flow temperature
Our range of electronic controls are perfect for all applications, and compatible with all our systems.


  • We offer a range of manifolds and control centres from 2 to 12 ports depending on the size of the area to be heated
  • Our wiring centres are available as 24V and 230V and can control multiple thermostats and actuators
  • We have a range of low voltage electronic controls for a 24V power supply, including the MRTE, MPRT and MPRT RF programmable room thermostats
  • Our range of TOUCH programmable thermostats are suitable for a 230V supply and include the MYSON TOUCH and the MYSON TOUCH2 WIFI