Complete System Guarantee


Every component of a MYSON FLOORTEC Complete Underfloor Heating System has undergone thousands of test cycles. Our underfloor heating systems are regularly assessed for quality by independent international institutions and consistently achieve top marks and quality certificates.

  • Guaranteed for all operating conditions
  • MYSON is a Member of UHMA (Underfloor Heating Manufacturers Association)
  • All electrical components carry a 2 year warranty from date of installation
  • MYSON FLOORTEC offer a comprehensive 10 year pipe warranty.

MYSON FLOORTEC underfloor heating also offer a Complete System Guarantee that promotes the advantages of both tried and tested component compatibility and correct system design. We are confident that, when installed correctly, our systems will perform to the highest standards, so eliminating unnecessary problems.

What’s more, MYSON FLOORTEC are the only UK underfloor heating supplier who can offer you a complete emitter design, even when you are combining radiators or convectors with your underfloor heating system in the same building.

MYSON FLOORTEC cannot be held responsible for problems arising from poorly installed systems. All installations must be fitted in accordance with the CIBSE Underfloor Heating Design and Installation Guide 2004.