Digital thermostat

Simple digital thermostat with universal mounting options

Sub info: Hard Wired, 230 V & 24V versions available

Overview of Models

A hard wired, wall mounted digital thermostat, allows for the temperature control of underfloor heating and cooling with a single device. Simply set the ideal temperature using the intuitive user display.

Control heating and cooling with a single device so that you can relax and enjoy optimal indoor comfort every day of the year. 

Summary of Range

  • Simple digital thermostat for recessed mounting in a wide range of mounting boxes
  • Intuitive display with easy-to-understand icons for modes and status
  • Can be switched centrally from comfort to ECO mode or from heating to cooling mode via the WiFi programmable thermostat (function requires an operational and installed WiFi programmable thermostat)
  • External sensor can be used for remote air, floor or limit functions


The Unisenza range of controls is fully compatible with all radiant heating system types and all heating/cooling generators (heat pumps, boilers, etc.). An extended warranty of 5 years applies to all Unisenza products.

Technical Information

Please visit our Helpdesk for any further technical information.


Please note that there are no accessories for this product. For more information on the Unisenza range of Underfloor Heating solutions, please download the brochure here...




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