Our solutions

Our solutions

Purmo drives the market with climate-friendly heating and cooling solutions that are easy to install. Since we have the broadest product offering in the industry, we are able to offer systems, end-to-end solutions and smart products that save more energy.

Our two commitments with regard to the sustainability of our solutions are:

  1. Climate-smart choices  
    As a leading supplier of indoor climate comfort solutions, we consider it our responsibility to help homeowners better manage their energy use. Our aim is to provide clear information about our efficient, circular and integrated systems as well as the lifetime environmental impact of all our products so that we can help our customers make informed choices.
  2. Circularity and end of life 
    We will apply circular design principles to all our products in an effort to add sustainable and long-lasting value to our entire range. We are also investing in the creation of more circularity-focused solutions. Furthermore, we are developing a donation service that will allow consumers to bring in their old but still functioning systems for renovation or recycling.


Unisenza: unified controls for radiant heating and cooling

The right underfloor heating controls will keep any room at a comfortable temperature without wasting energy. The best controls will do so while also taking into account usability and ease of installation.

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Our 10 commitments

We have set up these 10 commitments as our reference points along our journey to integrate sustainability in every part of our business.

Emissions and energy - Purmo Resource efficiency and waste - Purmo Responsible sourcing - Purmo Climate-smart choices - Purmo Circularity and end of life - Purmo
Diversity, equality and inclusion - Purmo Engagement at work - Purmo Employee upskilling - Purmo Health and safety - Purmo Community engagement - Purmo