Hi-Line Low Voltage

Utilises unused high level space to provide rapid heat at a low voltage of 12V, perfect for areas of high humidity

Connects easily to a central heating system

Overview of Models

The MYSON HI-LINE LV is a high level low voltage fan convector that utilises unused space above a door and is ideal for areas of high humidity. Innovative engineering ensures effective and efficient outputs despite the low voltage, providing rapid heat from above and the HI-LINE LV is generations ahead of the competition.  It is also compatible with lower water temperatures.

Summary of Range

  • The HI-LINE LV is fitted with a three position switch that allows the user to switch between the two fan speeds
  • Pipe connections face upwards, ready to connect to the heating system from above


The MYSON HI-LINE LV has been designed and tested to the highest standard and comes with a 2 year warranty from date of purchase.

Design Considerations

HI-LINE LV is easy to install, and the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Ensure that the pipes supplying the hot water are sized correctly based on the required flow rate
  • Each product has an in-built low limit thermostat which activates the fan when the water temperature reaches 43°C
  • HI-LINE LV requires an electrical connection for the fan, and has a low power consumption
  • Maximum installation height is 2.13m to the under side of the unit
  • Minimum installation height is 1.8m to the under side of the unit
  • Maximum ceiling height is 3ml Minimum clearance each side is 100mm
  • Minimum top clearance is 50mm
  • Please note the transformer is mounted inside the unit (LV model only)
If installing the product above the recommended height consider adding additional margin to the heat loss, or install de-stratification fans.

Weight, Water, Air Flow and Sound Levels




Sizes and Outputs for Hi-Line Low Voltage



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