iVector MKII

New and improved design

Same great performance as iVector but with innovative new technology

Overview of Models

Please note, the iVector MKII has now been discontinued and this product will be phased out of our range. Limited stocks are still available, please refer to Customer Services for more information - telephone 0330 041 5474.


Explore the new MYSON iVector S2 Series with intelligent heating and cooling capability: https://www.myson.co.uk/products/ivector-s2.htm



Design Consideration

The iVector MKII is easy to install, and the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Ensure that the pipes supplying the hot water are sized correctly based on the required flow rate
  • Each product has an in-built low limit thermostat which activates the fan when the water temperature reaches 32°C
  • iVector MKII requires an electrical connection for the fan, and has a low power consumption

Weight, Water, Air Flow and Sound Levels


Connection Options

Sizes and Outputs for iVector MKII Type BC

Sizes and Outputs for iVector MKII Type BN

Sizes and Outputs for iVector MKII Type FC

Sizes and Outputs for iVector MKII Type FN


Please note: There are currently no accessories for this product...




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