Slimline digital electronic thermostat for accurate temperature control

Unisenza Digital supersedes the MRTE

Overview of Models

It has a clear, accurate LCD display and limits the maximum and minimum temperature, working as  either a heating control or a cooling control. Unisenza Digital is ideal for upgrading an old two-wire (no neutral wire)  thermostat and has volt free contacts for use with various types of system.

NB. Unisenza Digital supersedes the MRTE 

Product Summary

  • Silent operation and LCD display
  • Temperature range 5-30°C
  • Click-mounting on recessed connection unit
  • Ultra-flat design, only 17mm deep
  • 230V


All MYSON electronic controls are quality guaranteed. UNISENZA products come with an extended 5 year warranty from date of purchase.


Please note: There are currently no accessories available for this product...



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